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Office Hours
Our Mission Viejo office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a. m. to 5:00 p. m. We offer extended office hours for illness and urgent problems on weeknights until 5:30 p. m. (by appointment, as needed). The office is closed from 12:30 to 1:30. Each physician maintains specific hours. Please call the office to find out when the pediatrician of your choice is available.

Whenever possible, we prefer to see patients by appointment. Arriving without an appointment may result in an additional charge. Advance notice will help us schedule your visit at a convenient time and prevent an excessive wait. Occasionally you may experience a delay in seeing your physician at the appointed time, usually caused by an emergency, which has interrupted the doctor's normal schedule. When possible, we will notify you in advance if your appointment time has been affected by such an emergency.

Appointments at our main office can be scheduled by calling Saddleback Pediatrics at (949) 364-1380.

If you find it necessary to cancel your appointment, please do so within 24 hours of the appointment. Your early cancellation will allow us to schedule another sick patient in your place. If you fail to contact the office to cancel, a non-cancellation fee may be imposed.

Medical Records
Information from your medical records will not be released to anyone, including your insurance company, without written consent. There is a minimum charge, as directed by State law, to transfer your records. Please give us 7 to 10 days advance notice.

Additional yellow shot cards can be obtained at a minimal charge. School forms will be completed at our earliest convenience, please allow time for them to be left with our office to complete.

If you feel your child is in need of medical attention and it is after hours care of 9am to 5pm, 
please contact Kid's Doc.